Schedule a Free Movement Seminar

The 'Performance Through Movement' Seminar is a lecture based on systematically improving fundamental and complex movement that includes significant hands on instruction for each participant.  Participants will be educated on how to implement corrective exercises aimed on improving soft tissue restrictions, joint mobility limitations, and motor control and stability deficits to improve overall movement efficiency.  Participants, with the direct guidance of Doctors of Physical Therapy, will assess their movement, apply these corrective strategies, and be able to reassess their immediate progress. Participants will also get a deeper appreciation of core motor control and movement assessment.  

This seminar can systemically teach functional movements including the Squat, Deadlift, and Turkish Get Up.  Each functional movement will be broken down to their joint by joint components to educate participants on how to improve all other complex movements and fitness endeavors.  Whether you are a competitive athlete, runner, triathlete, or someone wanting to stay fit and healthy this seminar will help with your durability and performance during your pursuits. Additionally participants will have an improved understanding on how to resolve one's own pain and decrease a potential future injury.  We promise you will leave moving better!

The seminar can be fit to your gym's specific needs and desires.  Please contact us with any interest at